There are 2 goals for this blog:

  1. A place for me to write out my own thoughts so that I can refer back to them.
  2. That the Holy Spirit would use it in whatever way to bless those who read it.

I don’t think I have anything all that amazing to say. 2000 years removed from Jesus, there isn’t anything I’m going to say that hasn’t already been said in a hundred languages by a hundred others at a hundred other points in history. There are better writers out there than me who are writing in ways that glorify God and are deeply impactful to their readers. There are also plenty of self-obsessed blowhards writing about everything wrong with those around them while neglecting the spiritual mirror that is Scripture. And I never, ever want this blog, or myself, to become that. This blog is not meant to be about me, but about the Kingdom of God. I hope it blesses you, encourages you, maybe even convicts you, and points you back to the gospel of Jesus Christ.